City Lights Framed Print, 110.5 x 84.5cm'ceRod Chase - City Lights Framed Print, 110.5 x 84.5cm

Despite looking like a photograph, Rod Chase uses many techniques to complete his painting. Originally starting life as a single black and white photo, hundreds of additional digital photographs are used to help determine composition of the image. The scene is enhanced and objects are moved and altered to create a superior photo from the original. This image is then drawn and transferred on to canvas and finished in small sections. Acrylic paint is applied in thin layers, avoiding visible brushstrokes. The whole process takes two months to complete, creating an enhanced reality. Its finished with an embellishment resin sparkle detailing. The inspiration comes from Chases visit to New York during January. It shows the sky being lit up from the city lights reflecting off the low hanging clouds. The Chrysler Building takes centre stage and is an ode to the time it was built. Its art deco appeal makes it one of New Yorks most iconic and distinctive skyscrapers.

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